Leading European Microsoft Azure and Cloud Technologies Event

04-06 December 2023, RMCC Wiesbaden, Germany

Leading European Microsoft Azure and Cloud Technologies Event

04-06 December 2023, RMCC Wiesbaden, Germany

Leading European Microsoft Azure and Cloud Technologies Event

04-06 December 2023, RMCC Wiesbaden, Germany

Leading European Microsoft Azure and Cloud Technologies Event

04-06 December 2023, RMCC Wiesbaden, Germany

Leading European Microsoft Azure and Cloud Technologies Event

04-06 December 2023, RMCC Wiesbaden, Germany

Leading European Microsoft Azure and Cloud Technologies Event

04-06 December 2023, RMCC Wiesbaden, Germany

Why European Cloud Summit?

The European Cloud Summit is a leading Microsoft Azure and Cloud Computing business and technology event in Europe which brings together major cloud platform providers, world-leading speakers, industry leaders, large customers and thousands of delegates, and offers an ideal professional networking environment for all attendees. The CloudSummit offers cutting-edge business and technology content, in both business and technology arenas, and as such represents a perfect learning and professional opportunity. Read more





Martina Grom, Microsoft Regional Director, Austria

Martina Grom, Microsoft RD, Austria

Security & compliance

Identity Protection

Cloud Security


Jonah Andersson, Microsoft MVP, Sweden

Jonah Andersson, MVP, Sweden

Data & AI


Applied AI

Machine Learning

Fabian Williams, Microsoft, USA

Fabian Williams, Microsoft, USA


VM and Networking


Hybrid Cloud

Laura Kokkarinen, Microsoft MVP, Finland

Laura Kokkarinen, MVP, Finland

Cloud Development

App Modernization

Cloud Native


Thomas Vochten

Thomas Vochten, MVP, Belgium

Cloud Platform




Business Networking


Grow your network

The European Cloud Summit gives you the opportunity to hear from industry experts, network with senior leaders, and learn how to create winning strategies to succeed in a technology-driven world. You will meet executives from Microsoft and other cloud providers, and make many interesting connections who may become your future customers or partners.
European Cloud Summit Expo

Meet sponsors, generate leads

Visit dozens of our sponsors and exhibitors, and connect with who you need to meet in order to drive your business forward. Connect with everyone from CEOs and business leaders to architects and developers. Utilise the conference platform to discover new contacts, then head over to the expo city and generate precious leads.
Team Building
Team Building
Teams from the world’s major organisations attend the European Cloud Summit to strengthen their professional bonds. Give your team an unforgettable experience and encourage new ideas through inspiring sessions and exciting networking opportunities. You never know who they will meet on the floor!

The world leading companies attend CloudSummit


Sessions and content
Full-day Tutorials
Closing Ceremony

World class experts and sessions

Gain valuable insights through cutting-edge sessions delivered by a world-class speaker line-up, consisting of leading Microsoft executives, along with industry and technology experts. The European Cloud Summit will put forward all kinds of business and technology insights, covering vital topics you need to be familiar with.
Laura Kokkarinen

Full-day tutorials

The pre-conference tutorial day will feature full-day tutorials with some of the most prominent technology visionaries in the areas of cutting-edge cloud technologies. This is an amazing opportunity to dive deep into discussions on a range of areas to complete your learning and to help you come up with solutions to some of the most pressing problems.

Panels and one-to-one conversations

“I cannot believe that I was just speaking to the head of Microsoft Patterns and Practices team!” said a young engineer at one of the panels. The European Cloud Summit is a great place for direct and unfiltered conversations with executives and lead engineers from various industry leaders and public cloud providers.

Discover Wiesbaden and the Rhine-Main metropolitan region

Frankfurt Airport
In the heart of the Rhine-Main region
Wiesbaden, located in the heart of the Rhine-Main region, is the capital of the German state of Hesse and a key center of the Rhine-Main megalopolis, alongside Frankfurt and Mainz. Its close proximity to Frankfurt Airport (15 minutes by car) and excellent transportation links make it easily accessible from anywhere in the world.
Russian Orthodox Church in Wiesbaden
Wiesbaden is schön
Wiesbaden is also home to numerous historic buildings and monuments, such as the Wiesbaden Kurhaus (a famous concert hall and casino), the Nassau State Theater, and the Russian Orthodox Church, adding to its aesthetic appeal. Wiesbaden is surrounded by picturesque landscapes, such as vineyards and rolling hills, further contributing to its beauty.
Rhine-Main means business
Wiesbaden is known as a business center due to its favorable location in the heart of the Rhine-Main region, which is a major economic hub in Germany, and its proximity to Frankfurt, another financial center. The city’s has a well-educated workforce with a strong technical background, making it an attractive location for industries such as IT, engineering, and biotechnology.
Beibrich Palace
The home of the Grand Dukes of Nassau
Schloss Biebrich is a palace located in Wiesbaden, Germany. It was built in the early 18th century in the Baroque style and has a long history of serving as the residence of various members of royalty, including the Grand Dukes of Nassau. Today it serves as a cultural center, hosting exhibitions, concerts, and other events.
Rhiengau Vineyards
Do you drink Riesling?
Wiesbaden is located in the Rheingau wine region of Germany and is known for producing high-quality Riesling wines. It has a unique microclimate that is ideal for growing Riesling grapes, which are considered one of the finest white grape varieties in the world. Wines from Wiesbaden region are known for their crisp acidity, fruitiness, and minerality, and they are highly sought after by wine enthusiasts.
Wilhelm Busch
Wiesbaden is art
Wiesbaden has a rich history of fostering talent in the arts, producing famous artists such as humorist and caricaturist Wilhelm Busch, painters Willy Reiber, Alexander Zick, and Willi Baumeister, who have all called the city their home.These artists are just a few examples of the many talented individuals who have contributed to Wiesbaden’s cultural heritage, making it a city known for its commitment to the arts.

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Kimmo Forss, Microsoft

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Martina Grom, Microsoft Regional Director, Austria

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European Cloud Summit Audience
Ahmand Najjar delivering a full day tutorial at European Cloud Summit
European Cloud Summit
Mustafa Toroman - European Cloud Summit Content Team
Content Team
Mustafa Toroman - European Cloud Summit Content Team
Martina Grom, Microsoft Regional Director, Austria
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