European Cloud Summit

Why European Cloud Summit?

by Adis Jugo

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Interview with Microsoft Principal Program Manager at Microsoft stage

Tuesday, Mar 15 2022

The European Cloud Summit is the one event which will bring together decision makers from industry and the major cloud providers, to discuss the most pressing topics of cloud computing and today’s information technologies. We are all witnessing how rapidly the world is changing, along with the significant challenges our society is facing, and the European Cloud Summit will focus on leveraging cloud technologies to face these challenges. 

That is why the core topics of the European Cloud Summit have been carefully chosen, in cooperation with our content team, with selected partners from the industry, and representatives from the major cloud providers.

Cloud Sustainability and Green IT is one of the major topics today. We are witnessing the efforts from Microsoft, Google and other major cloud providers not only to be carbon neutral, but carbon negative in the near future.

Cloud Compliance, Cloud Security and increasingly Cloud Sovereignty are also topics which define and influence many of the key IT decisions of today, and the European Cloud Summit will encourage discussions and offer answers on those pressing topics. 

Over the last few years, we have witnessed Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence moving out of the “theoretical” space and finding practical use within industry. A lot of companies are now completely dependent on the use of those technologies in their everyday work. The same is true with Virtual Reality: with its convergence into the “Metaverse”, we are witnessing many B2B and B2C offerings moving into hybrid and even fully virtual spaces. With all major cloud providers going “all-in” with that technology, there will for sure be a lot to monitor into that space. European Cloud Summit will host sessions about practical uses and real-life experiences from both of those technologies, so that attendees can hear about first-hand experiences and the benefits which they can bring to the industry. 

Last but not least, App Modernization is a fast-maturing topic from the early days of Software as a Service: how to bring legacy apps and workloads to the cloud, with an optimal cost/benefit ratio. In the past few years, the approach of app factories on top of no code / low code platforms has emerged as one of the leading trends in the industry. European Cloud Summit will feature multiple sessions on this topic, but also have many of the low code / no code vendors in our expo, where attendees will have possibility to hear the first hand about their offerings.  

Talking about the expo: 30 leading cloud providers and vendors will participate with their booths at the European Cloud Summit. The expo will be the happy place and the melting pot during the conference – a place for discussions and panels, a place to talk to sponsors and exhibitors, to find out what is new, what is cool, and to grab foods and drinks.  

We want to especially thank Microsoft and Google for being our premium technology partners of the European Cloud Summit once again. Content and sessions, expo, sponsors, community, and the presence of the leading cloud providers guarantee that European Cloud Summit will once again be the one cloud conference which you need to attend in 2022.