European Cloud Summit

It’s about business, networking, and smiles!

by Adis Jugo

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ECS 2021 Expo

Tuesday, Mar 29 2022

A conference is never only about learning and sessions, we all know that. Sure, we all like to attend sessions by executives from the leading cloud platforms, we all like to hear talks from the world’s-best experts in cloud technologies, to attend panels and ask questions.

But a conference is much more than that. It is commenting on those sessions with your colleagues who accompany you, or with those you meet for the first time at the conference. Growing your business network is, besides growing your knowledge, the most important reason why you will be attending the European Cloud Summit in the first place.

In order to make growing that network an easy and pleasant task at the European Cloud Summit, we will host all our social activities in the Expo. Catering, lounges, meeting places: it will all be there. The idea is to bring people together, to help them grow their networks, to create lasting relations. Our brand-new conference platform, which will include a conference app, will help you to easily maintain that network and those relationships even after the conference and between conferences.

The Expo will – of course – also be home for our 35 sponsors: major cloud providers and IT vendors will join us at the European Cloud Summit in Mainz, Germany. The main cloud vendors will provide booths where you can talk to their own experts about their cloud technologies, and maybe solve some of the problems which have been bothering you. Most of our sponsors will present their newest products and services, which can help you in your daily work, and allow you to discover the new possibilities which are enabled with those products and services.

When talking to our attendees and sponsors from previous years, they all stress how important the expo is for them, both for meeting new people, creating new business opportunities, and growing their network, but also for strengthening existing contacts, reinforcing partnerships, and doing new business. And all that happens in the pleasant, friendly, and familiar atmosphere that European Cloud Summit traditionally offers.

We are especially proud, and always curious, about the ways in which our sponsors present themselves in the expo: some bring extra comfortable lounges, some bring bars with beverages, some create retro-gaming arenas, and the last time we even had sponsors who created a jungle atmosphere: European Cloud Summit is not a conference whose expo has booths that all look alike. Much more, it is an inspiring place to meet, to socialize, to mingle, to do business and to bank some good mood.

Once more, welcome to Mainz. Let’s learn together, let’s discuss important cloud and IT business topics together, but also let’s network, let’s make partnerships, let’s shake a lot of hands, and let’s smile a lot. That’s what European Cloud Summit is all about!