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How can you streamline Microsoft 365 with a better approach to administration?

by CoreView

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Monday, Sep 12 2022

A press release by our Platinum sponsor CoreView

CoreView stops the chaos and gets Microsoft 365 under control. Our Microsoft 365 Management Platform helps IT teams get the full value from Microsoft 365, gain full oversight of your environment, and move at full speed.

More than 10 million users and the world’s largest organisations rely on CoreView to craft perfect privileges, eliminate wasted licenses, drive adoption, and automate repetitive tasks. A Microsoft Gold Partner, CoreView is Co-Sell Prioritized and available on the Azure Marketplace.

In this event, we are going to talk about how to hide the management complexity under the title: Microsoft 365 administration: make it easy! Hybrid, too! 

Having experienced the admin side of M365 you know how difficult it is to: 

  • Get information!
  • Scale operations across multiple teams
  • Delegate administrative activities to junior operators
  • Sort through workloads and product-specific security information

Even worse if you think about hybrid management.

How can you streamline Microsoft 365 with a better approach to administration? 
Join Roy Martinez as he delves into the wonderful world of process automation and workflows for streamlining business productivity. 

In this session you will hear how: 

  • Automation can be the exciting frontier on the journey towards a more secure M365 environment and higher standard of operational excellence
  • Delegated administration and perfect permissions empower your operators to work smarter and hide the complexity
  • Seamlessly juggle both Cloud and On-Prem to reduce the burden of hybrid Microsoft 365 management

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