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IaaS on Microsoft Azure Powerclass

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Tiago Costa
Tiago Costa
Tiago Costa
Tiago Costa

Tiago Costa is a Cloud Architect and Advisor for Microsoft Cloud. For the past 18 years he has been architecting and developing solutions using Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft Azure, Office 365, SharePoint, .Net and SQL Server. He has a strong real-world experience and regularly delivers Microsoft Azure trainings around the world. Tiago is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure is a global-scale Cloud provider that has been quietly gaining market share. Microsoft Azure can be leveraged to deploy existing and new application platforms composed of operating systems, applications, middleware, database servers, third-party components and frameworks, as well as internal and external networking configurations required for communications. Join the big names in the industry and get your Azure knowledge a boost! 

In this demo-heavy tutorial, we will cover the different capabilities of Microsoft Azure to create and migrate crucial organization workloads. Join Tiago Costa in this tutorial full of real-world examples and best practices and turn industry challenges into opportunities.

Topics covered, include:

  • Azure today
  • Azure Identity
    • Azure AD
    • MFA
    • Passwordless
    • Azure AD
  • Azure Management
    • Azure Resource Model
    • ARM Templates and Bicep
    • Scripting with PowerShell and Bash
    • Toolkit
  • Azure IaaS
    • Networking
    • Hybrid
    • Virtual Machines
  • Azure App Service
    • Web Apps
    • Custom Domains
    • Deployment Slots
    • Scaling
    • Logic Apps
    • Key Vault
  • Azure Security
    • Security Center
    • Sentinel
    • Kusto
    • Logic Apps for Security Center and Sentinel
    • Key Vault and SQL Databases
  • Governance
    • Management Groups
    • Azure Policy

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