European Cloud Summit

DevOps on Microsoft Azure PowerClass

Mainz (Frankfurt), Germany | 26-28 September 2022
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Delvered by: Barbara Forbes, Microsoft Azure MVP, Netherlands

DevOps best practices are all about automation and leveraging tools do your work for you. When it comes to Microsoft Azure, it’s a perfect playing ground for DevOps with all cool cloud features and handful of useful tools. Whatever our task is, we have many options and can choose what best fits our needs. Where to keep our code? We’re going to use git, but should we use Azure DevOps or GitHub? And what about our pipelines? Or what do we use for infrastructure deployments? All these questions and much more will be answered in this full day tutorial. 


  • Build, test and deploy your code  
  • Create continuous delivery and deploy to dev/test/production environments 
  • Use different IaC tools  to create environment, automate and control process and security 
  • Continuous monitoring and increased feedback in application lifecycle