European Cloud Summit

Sponsors FAQ

Mainz (Frankfurt), Germany | 26-28 September 2022

Dear European Cloud Summit sponsors, this is your quick fix tutorial for all questions and preparations related to your sponsorship.

We will add more detailed information to this page, as we get closer to the event and keep you informed about updates via email, so stay tuned!

If, by any chance, your questions are not answered here, please feel free to email us at – we’ll be happy to assist.

1. Schedule and deadlines
Not later than 7 June (or upon contract signature) Deliver your sponsor session details (Diamond and Platinum sponsors only)
more info in Section 15.
Not later than 10 June (or upon contract signature) Deliver your print files (sponsor logo, advert pages) for the CloudMagazine
more info in Section 13.
Not later than 15 July Fill in the Booth Order Form
Order the obligatory booth package (electricity/waste disposal/cleaning) and get an offer for your booth and booth equipment from our booth builder partner (optional turnkey booth options or customized booth)
more info in Section 8.
Not later than 31 July Get your free conference tickets and register your staff members for the conference and for Sponsor & Speaker Appreciation event on the post-conference day
more info in Section 4.
Not later than 14 August Book your hotel rooms
We have blocked a number of hotel rooms which will be available for booking before 14 August 2022 on a on a first-come-first-save basis.
more info in Section 12.
Not later than 14 August Deliver your promotional video (Diamond sponsors, offered option for Platinum sponsors)
more info in Section 16.
Not later than 31 August Deliver your raffle prize info (Diamond, Platinum and Gold sponsors only)
more info in Section 14.
2. What is included in my sponsorship package

Click here to find a detailed overview of our sponsorship packages, including information on the size of your booth, number of free tickets and other services included


Would you like to additionally increase your visibility as sponsor? Have a look at our additional sponsorship offers and contact us for more details in case of interest:


Solely for Platinum sponsors. Your promotional video clip will be played in “cinema-style” before a session in the keynote room. That way, your video can be seen by 1000+ attendees at the same time. Diamond sponsors have this advantage included in their package.


Your flyer or giveaway will be handed out on site to all attendees as a bag insert (price based on prior agreement depending on the size/weight of the bag insert).

GET-TOGETHER SPONSOR (20.000 €, shareable between two sponsors)

During the Get-Together event – a gathering of all sponsors, speakers and attendees – everyone will be be served free drinks. Additionally, you can opt to “brand” the Get-Together and be its official sponsor.


Your sponsorship package includes a number of free conference tickets, as well as complimentary tickets for our Sponsor & Speaker Appreciation event on the post-conference day (click here to find a detailed overview of what is included in our sponsorship packages).

We will notify you as soon as the free  sponsor conference tickets are created in your dashboard.

We kindly ask you to register your team members as soon as possible. Don’t worry, you will be able to change names later if necessary.

What does the sponsor conference ticket include?

The sponsor conference ticket gives access to all content during the main conference days on 27-28 September 2022. Additionally, it gives access to the expo city on 26 September 2022 for exhibition setup.

How can I register additional staff members?

Would you like to register more staff members than included in your sponsorship package? Please email us at, so we can assist you with the purchase of additional sponsor conference tickets and make sure to apply your 20% sponsor discount.

How can I register a staff member for a full-day tutorial on 26 September 2022?

For the access to a full-day tutorial on the pre-conf day (26 September), you can purchase a ticket add-on within your dashboard. Please email us at, so we can assist you with the purchase of ticket add-ons and make sure to apply your 20% sponsor discount.

How can I register staff members of my booth builder partner?

In the case that you work with your own booth builder, please email us at, we will then contact you to agree on their accreditation for access to the expo.


We know our success wouldn’t be possible without our amazing network of sponsors and partners. In order to invite as many participants as possible to the European Cloud Summit this year, we believe that your help is more than useful, because together we are reaching our goal – expanding the community and business network, gaining you maximum exposure towards new opportunities. The joint expansion of the cloud community enables us to engage with new clients and partners.

Invite your customers, clients and followers through your newsletter and communication channels, to be part of the conference with an exclusive 20% discount on ticket purchases: We will email your promotional 20% discount voucher code for customers upon contract signature.

If your customers/clients want to secure their place as a sponsor/exhibitor, we would be happy to create tailored sponsorship packages.

Contact us to enquire more information and pricing at

Advertising sponsor banners:


Attendee badges will have a QR code, that includes attendee contact data and further details (if the attendee has opted to provide them). Sponsors will be able to scan the attendees‘ QR codes through our mobile app.

Once the mobile app is available, we will provide more detailed information on lead retrieval and networking options.


We will contact you via email to ask you to pick your booth position. Booth positions will be offered in the order of sponsorship booking dates.

We have finalized our expo floor plan in cooperation with the venue. You can find the regularly updated expo floor plan here.


Your sponsorship includes a booth space in the expo, as well as access to the conference Wi-Fi internet connection. Depending on your sponsorship level, the size of your booth space is:

  • Silver sponsors: 3m x 2m
  • Gold sponsors: 3m x 3m
  • Platinum sponsors: 6m x 3m
  • Diamond sponsors: 6m x 6m

Booth construction, electricity, carpet, furniture and further booth equipment are not included in the sponsorship package.

We have prepared an obligatory basic booth package (electricity, waste disposal and cleaning), as well as optional turnkey booth solutions for Silver, Gold and Platinum sponsors in cooperation with our booth builder partner Messeprojekt. Customized booth solutions can be ordered individually from our booth builder partner or a booth builder of your choice.


Download the print data requirements of our booth builder partner


Please note that this timetable may be subject to changes.

26 September 2022 – 12:00-18:00 Booth setup
27 September 2022 – 09:00 European Cloud Summit Opening Ceremony
27 September 2022 – 10:00 Opening of the expo for attendees
27 September 2022 – 18:00-20:00 Get-Together in the expo, with drinks & snacks
28 September 2022 – 08:00 Start of sessions/expo open’s
28 September 2022 – 17:00 European Cloud Summit Closing Ceremony
28 September 2022 – 17:00-23:59 Booth teardown


The venue will accept and store equipment & material deliveries by sponsors, starting from 19 September 2022.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please indicate the following data when shipping equipment & materials to the venue:

  • European Cloud Summit
  • Sponsor name
  • Booth number

Delivery address:

Bereich Mainz Congress
Rheinstraße 66
55116 Mainz


There is one exceedingly, splendiferously important note! The European Cloud Summit is about content and expo, as much as about community, networking and togetherness. To sum it up, we would be very pleased if you, our sponsors, take part in our networking event on the post-conference day.

Whilst the European Cloud Summit itself takes place on 26-28 September 2022, you should also plan to spend Thursday, 29 September in Mainz: Your sponsorship package includes free tickets for our Sponsor & Speaker Appreciation Event – a networking event with lunch and live music, for sponsors, speakers, and organizers (details tbc).

You can register your participants for the Appreciation Event within your ticket dashboard (see section 4.). Depending on your sponsorship level, the number of your free tickets is:

  • Diamond sponsors/Premium Technology Partners: 5 tickets
  • Platinum sponsors: 3 tickets
  • Gold sponsors: 2 tickets
  • Silver sponsors: 1 ticket

Mainz offers a variety of hotels for your stay during the European Cloud Summit. If you wish to book a hotel directly at the venue, then Hilton Mainz will be the best choice for you.

In cooperation with the venue, we have blocked a number of rooms at recommended hotels (view hotel list for booking).


The CloudMagazine, containing professional articles and relevant event info, will be printed and distributed to all attendees of our event.

At prior events, our sponsorship packages included the distribution of bag inserts to attendees.  Unfortunately, it is our experience that most of the bag inserts are thrown away after the attendees pick up their bags. So, if you were expecting bag inserts, then CloudMagazine is the answer – whilst being an efficient and eco-friendly way to inform all attendees about your products and services.

The logos of our sponsors will be printed on dedicated sponsor pages within the CloudMagazine.

In addition, if you have booked a Diamond, Platinum, Gold or Online sponsorship package, you are welcome to prepare a printed advert for the CloudMagazine. The number of advert pages, depending on your sponsorship package, is:

  • Diamond and Platinum sponsors – 2 pages
  • Gold and Online sponsors – 1 page
  • Silver sponsors – 1 page can be booked as additional sponsorship (1,000 EUR)

Please email us your logo and pages for the CloudMagazine pages as soon as possible at

Print instructions – sponsor logo

  • CMYK K100%
  • Vector or raster format (pdf, tiff – in case of raster format minimum 300 dpi and 2000 px wide; note: PNG is not accepted)
  • Transparent background

Print instructions – advert pages

  • Page format: 21 x 21 cm + 3mm bleed, no crop marks
  • Move away essential print elements (logos, contact details etc.) at least 5 mm from the margins of the printable area
  • CMYK K100%
  • Vector or raster format (pdf, tiff – in case of raster format minimum 300 dpi; note: PNG is not accepted)
14. CONFERENCE PRIZE RAFFLE (Diamond, Platinum and Gold sponsors)

Our Diamond, Platinum and Gold Sponsors are eligible to take part in our conference prize raffle. Attendees wishing to participate in the raffle will be invited to visit sponsor booths and to agree with the scanning of their conference badge for lead retrieval.

Sponsor prizes, valued between 100 and 200 EUR, are usually a gadget (smart home devices, Raspberry Pis, loudspeakers, Lego etc.).

We will publish more detailed information about the conference raffle in this section, as we get closer to the event.

Please email the following raffle prize information as soon as possible to

  • Raffle prize description
  • Raffle prize picture
  • Raffle prize value
15. SPONSOR SESSIONS (Diamond and Platinum sponsors)

Diamond and Platinum sponsorship packages include a sponsor session that will be included into the European Cloud Summit’s agenda.

We would like to promote your sponsor session to as many attendees as possible, and therefore it is crucial to us, and to you, that we receive your sponsor session details as soon as possible:

Please email the following session and speaker information as soon as possible at

  • Session title
  • Short session abstract
  • Speaker name
  • Short speaker biography
  • Speaker picture (min. 600×600 pixels, for web and print)
  • Speaker email address
16. PROMOTIONAL VIDEO (Diamond sponsors, offered option for Platinum sponsors)

The promotional video will be played at the large screens (cinema style) in the keynote room before the keynote and other major sessions. It should be maximally 1 minute long, in a standard commercial style.

Please send us your promotional video (via email, OneDrive, Dropbox or any other file sharing option) as soon as possible.