European Cloud Summit


Mainz (Frankfurt), Germany | 26-28 September 2022
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InspIring business and technology keynotes

The European Cloud Summit 2022 will offer inspiring business and technology keynotes, which will offer attendees a vision of a new era of information technologies that constantly learn, adapt and protect.

We are proud to announce our three keynotes for the European Cloud Summit 2022. We believe it is a perfect mix of technology, business and governance, a perfect mix of vision and experience, and that it very well fits the vibe of the CloudSummit.

Pouneh Minovi Kaufman, Microsoft General Program Manager, Mixed Reality - Mesh Experiences

Pouneh Minovi Kaufman, Microsoft General Program Manager

Microsoft Metaverse – Enterprise Solutions, Digital Safety, and Moderation

Microsoft Pouneh Minovi Kaufman, Microsoft, GPM, Mixed Reality | Metaverse | Mesh
Microsoft Michelle Maislen, Microsoft, Senior Product Manager – Mixed Reality

The metaverse is the future of the digital world and our technical keynote will cover how Microsoft are addressing three of the most pressing considerations.

Join Pouneh Kaufman, Group Product Manager and Michelle Maislen, Senior Program Manager as they showcase the Microsoft’s Metaverse’s innovative persistent spaces which open up a whole new class of digital service and business tooling which create significant business growth opportunities. From product visualisation to field hospital operations, the Metaverse will drive future online services.

Unlike many previous trends in the IT industry, safety, security, and privacy are at the very forefront of Microsoft’s efforts with Metaverse, rather than bolted on after the fact. With the increased risks comes a responsibility to mitigate them early. Michelle and Pouneh will discuss how Microsoft is implementing tools and processes to create an ethical and safe Metaverse for the long haul.

Lauri Haav, Republic of Estonia, E-residency CEO

Lauri Haav, Republic of Estonia, E-residency CEO

E-governance – leveraging the cloud to improve well-being and build a safe e-services ecosystem

Lauri Haav, Republic of Estonia Republic of Estonia, Managing Director at e-Residency
Damir Tomičić, Republic of EstoniaAxinom, Chief Financial Officer

E-governance was a strategic choice for Estonia. A strategy delivered! Implementing no hassle governance with modern cloud infrastructure enabled a safe e-services ecosystem which improves the well-being of citizens, increases the competitiveness of the state, and eliminates bureaucracy.

Citizens can select e-solutions from a range of public services and 99% of public services are now available as e-services. Examples include Digital ID, e-Tax, e-Residency, e-Health and i-Voting.

Join Lauri Haav, Managing Director of e-Residency, as he describes the why and how of e-governance, the human challenges involved, and how cloud technologies such as M2M communications and KSI Blockchain enabled the foundations of the service.

Damir Tomicic, Chief Financial Officer, Axinom will also join Lauri to present a case study of how e-residency has enabled and supported Axinom’s growth, delivering content first platforms for the Media, Areospace and mobility sectors.

As digital governance moves ever more to the forefront, especially after the last few years, Estonia shows a successful path to a better, less bureaucratic future.

Ivan Krajinovic, Head of Simulations at Rimac Technology

Ivan Krajinovic, Head of Simulations at Rimac Technology

Rimac Technology – modelling hyper car components with the power of the Cloud

Ivan Krajinović, Rimac Head of Simulations at Rimac Technology

Rimac Technology designs, engineers, and produces high performance EV components and systems to help build great hybrid and electric vehicles. As a supplier for the largest OEMs, Rimac Technology is today in the driver’s seat of digitalisation in the automotive industry.

Ivan Krajinović, Head of Simulations, will provide a round trip of how Rimac Technology adopted cloud computing to help with design, testing, and manufacturing of components. Simulations are an incredibly important element of component and vehicle design and testing, and Ivan will detail how by leveraging Microsoft Azure HPC, Rimac Technology were able to perform more useful simulations faster, and far more efficiently. In addition, coverage of how such a large and complex platform is managed and how results and calculations are made available on demand to engineers will be covered.

This exciting keynote will show the true power of cloud computing being used to drive forward innovation at scale in manufacturing.