European Cloud Summit

DevOps at the European Cloud Summit 2022

by Adis Jugo

ecs blog

Tuesday, Apr 26 2022

DevOps, in essence, is nothing new.: Developers and IT Operations have been trying to optimize and improve software release cycles for many years.

The goals have always been the same:

  • To shorten the development lifecycle
  • To enable and support continuous delivery
  • To enable fast feedback loops
  • To refine and optimize deployment

And, as a result, to improve software quality and operational agility.

However, one of the running jokes in our industry is that nobody really knows what DevOps is. The reason for that is that different vendors have different definitions (and even different perceptions) of what DevOps is or should be. Microsoft was one of the industry pioneers in this field, long before it was called DevOps: the process had been referred to as “Application Life-cycle Management”, and the product names have been changed multiple times (Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Online Services, and finally Azure DevOps). With Azure DevOps and with GitHub (which they acquired in 2018) in their portfolio, Microsoft is a clear market leader in this area.

Full-day tutorial on Azure DevOps

DevOps will play an important role at the European Cloud Summit 2022. Our Barbara Forbes, Microsoft Azure MVP from the Netherlands, will deliver a full-day tutorial, where she will take the audience from zero to hero in Azure DevOps.

In her tutorial, Barbara will guide the audience through the concepts and techniques of continuous delivery. Attendees will learn how to track code changes and enforce rules. They will learn how to build, test and deploy code artifacts. They will learn how to deploy Azure resources using ARM templates, PowerShell and other tools.

Furthermore, Barbara will cover the following topics in this full-day-tutorial:

  • Build, test and deploy your code with Azure DevOps
  • Create continuous delivery and create a dev/test/production environment using Infrastructure as a Code
  • Use ARM, PowerShell and Azure CLI to create an environment, automate and control process and security
  • Integrate 3rd party tools into your DevOps pipelines
  • Continuous monitoring and increased feedback in application lifecycle

Breakout sessions on DevOps and GitHub

Besides a full-day tutorial on Azure DevOps, European Cloud Summit will also offer a number of breakout sessions on this topic. In those sessions, some of the world’s best speakers will cover topics such as DevOps fundamentals, DevOps best practices, Azure DevOps and GitHub.

If you are in the “code delivery” business, regardless of whether you are developer, in IT Operations or manager, DevOps is important for your work. And the best place to boost your knowledge in this area is the European Cloud Summit 2022, in Mainz/Frankfurt, Germany, 26-28 September 2022.