European Cloud Summit

Day 3: Rimac Technology keynote and 30+ sessions on the last day of Cloud Summit 2022

by Kenan Musić

news | press release

Wednesday, Sep 28 2022

The third day of the European Cloud Summit is behind us. After the early morning sessions, it was time to present this year’s business keynote, with Ivan Krajinovic from Rimac Technology. Explaining the way Rimac Technology works and the way they use cloud computing, Ivan once again confirmed the importance of cloud technology on mega projects, such as theirs.

Rimac is clear proof that cloud computing can, and is a more efficient, cheaper way of testing and simulation in the automotive industry, and this is something that definitely gave Rimac Technology additional importance in the process of existence of one of the most famous car companies in the world!

The second part of the day was reserved for another 20+ sessions, which are attended by almost 1,000 attendees who use all the opportunities that the Cloud Summit offers them, to talk to the leaders in the world of cloud computing who are attending Cloud Summit.

The interest of the attendees to talk with the speakers even after the session confirms this year’s quality and actuality of the content.

Attendees had the opportunity to dive deep into discussions on a range of areas to enhance attendees learning and to help them to produce solutions to some of the most prevalent challenges with cloud technology.

With some of the most prominent technology visionaries in the areas of cloud computing, business, development, and infrastructure and huge interest in the tutorials, the conference had an amazing start.

The conference ended with a closing ceremony led by Spencer Harbar, Adis Jugo, and Mustafa Toroman.

From the stage of the keynote hall in the Rheingold Halle, the organizers thanked everyone for their trust and a great three days and announced European Cloud Summit 2023.

This year’s conference presented 65 speakers and 32 sponsors/expo exhibitors. More than 1000 people attended pre-conference full-day tutorials and 60 sessions during the three days.

Featuring one of the most actual topics in today’s world, such as Estonian E-governance and Rimach Technology, such as Microsoft novelties, the conference stayed up to date with things that matter and that are cloud-based. team on the photo

Networking, new business deals, and knowledge exchange were the most important segments of the conferences, and it is a pleasure that we were able to contribute to that again during the European Cloud Summit.

It’s a lot of work to produce the event, but every time that work pays off with the incredible reception from our community. To our Speakers, Sponsors, Attendees and all our supporting partners, and most of all the team at ECS.EVENTS, my heartfelt gratitude for all your efforts and support. We looking forward to seeing you all again soon! – said Spence Harbar.