European Cloud Summit

#CloudSummit 2022 Day 2: Estonia’s e-governence in focus as best cloud comupting example

by Kenan Musić

news | press release

Tuesday, Sep 27 2022

With the opening ceremony, led by Spencer Harbar, Adis Jugo, and Mustafa Toroman, the European Cloud Summit 2022 officially began in a full keynote room kindly sponsored by Admin by Request. In opening remarks, Spencer Harbar expressed gratitude to all visitors and the importance of a conference like this, which is being held on its own merits for the first time since the global pandemic.

Mustafa Toroman, Head of the content team, expressed his happy heart due to the overwhelming number of session submissions and said that it was a pleasure for him, together with other colleagues, to select this year’s sessions. We are privileged to have 36 MVPs, 11 Regional Directors, and 13 Microsoft employees with us this year.“ – Mustafa said.

Highlights Day 2

Opening remarks were continued by Adis Jugo also, who spoke about the application developed, which will represent a totally new experience in managing events, but also in attending them. He added: Cloud Summit has its audience, and it respects the content and work we have done, so organizing this conference is an obligation, to continue to bring our community together. Thank you“

The focus of the first day of the conference and the greatest interest was certainly the first keynote dedicated to Estonian e-residency, one of the best examples of the importance of cloud computing in creating projects of crucial importance for everyday life.

In his introductory lecture, Lauri Haav highlighted the differences between classic electronic signatures and electronic signatures and services offered by E-residency, how Estonia has become the most digitized nation in the world, and what benefits doing so brings, alluding to many companies that move their headquarters to Estonia, paying taxes there. “It is important that people trust their governments because when they don’t, the bureaucracy is big, slow, and laborious”. In contrast, Estonia can certainly boast of a system it trusts a lot, given that today you can complete everything through a 24-hour e-residency application. The only time you have to go to court is when you want to get married or divorce. Damir Tomicic, Axinom CFO, joined Haav on the stage and told his story of moving his company to Estonia and all benefits realized.

After the session, attendees queued for aQ&A session, to ask numerous questions and information on how to apply for e-residency, which underlines how important this topic and keynote was.


The second keynote session was held by Heather Newman, who animated all those present with her incredible energy and introduced them to the world of Microsoft Power Platform and applications, and talked about upcoming features and opportunities that address.

After the morning keynotes, the Expo was opened, where this year’s 32 sponsors will present their services through a series of activities and distribute numerous prizes to our participants. The focus and goal of the Expo is community, networking and initiating new business deals.

On the schedule, during the day there are 35 more sessions attended by about 1,000 attendees.