European Cloud Summit

#CloudSummit 2022 Day 1: Great interest for pre-conference full-day tutorials

by Kenan Musić

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Monday, Sep 26 2022

European Cloud Summit 2022 started today, September 26, with pre-conference full-day tutorials.

Five full-day tutorials were on today’s schedule, covering some of the most interesting topics such as Azure Software Architecture PowerClass with Damir Dobric, A Lap Around Multi-Cloud PowerClass with Tomislav Tipuric, Azure Identity and Security PowerClass with Tom Janetscheck and Sasha Kranjac, DevOps on Microsoft Azure and IaaS on Microsoft Azure PowerClass with Tiago Costa

Attendees had the opportunity to dive deep into discussions on a range of areas to enhance attendees learning and to help them to produce solutions to some of the most prevalent challenges with cloud technology.

With some of the most prominent technology visionaries in the areas of cloud computing, business, development, and infrastructure and huge interest in the tutorials, the conference had an amazing start.

The conference will be officially opened with an Opening ceremony hosted by Spencer Harbor, on Tuesday at 9 a.m. 

Estonia e-governance

The opening will be followed by the first keynote, on the topic of E-governance – Leveraging the Cloud to improve well-being and build a safe e-services ecosystem by Lauri Haav (Republic of Estonia, Managing Director at e-Residency) and Damir Tomičic (Chief Financial Officer, Axinom).

This interesting keynote is for sure, the highlight of the day but also the whole conference, featuring one of the most impressive cloud-based projects stories of the 21st century – Estonia’s e-governance. 

In Estonia, 99 percent of public services are available online 24 hours a day. E-services are only impossible for marriages and divorces  – you still have to get out of the house for those.

Thanks to a safe, convenient, and flexible digital ecosystem, Estonia has reached an unprecedented level of transparency in governance and built broad trust in its digital society. As a result, Estonia saves over 1400 years of working time annually and has become a hassle-free environment for business and entrepreneurship.